About Akita

Sarwa Health and Safety Solution Pvt. Ltd. specializes in security as well as convenience- focused solutions for today’s smart homes, events, and businesses. Our core founding team has years of experience in design and development of safety and security solutions for a wide range of businesses. Services provided by Sarwa Health and Safety Solutions Pvt. Ltd. includes but is not limited to safety training, automation, standardization, and auditing.

Akita Smart Solutions is a part of the proud Sarwa family. Akita Smart Solutions is the pioneer in the field of safety and security solutions and is among the first few companies in India to introduce complete safety solutions for a wide range of applications. Considering the constantly increasing need for safety and security, Akita focuses on making the safety and security solutions available, accessible and affordable to everyone. We at Akita are proud to be able to make you feel safe and secure at your home, workplace, and businesses. Akita believes in quality innovations and research to continually add to the level of security for their customers. The mission of keeping the homes and workplaces safe and thus making the world a safer place has always been the focus of our company’s efforts and strategies.

Akita Smart Solutions not only provides smart automation, but it is also determined to make people safe from fatal hazards like gas leakage, fire, smoke, and poisonous CO leakage. We also strive hard to include the technological advancements to double the layer of your security with improved surveillance and monitoring.

Akita is committed towards providing you the best safety solutions and works sincerely towards making your surrounding a safer place for you and your family.